Some Common Pests in the Canberra Region



Only a small amount of spiders are dangerous, and in most cases the reasons for people wanting their numbers reduced is because of their unsightly webs or because of phobias.  Our treatments are very effective against spiders while also being safe for young families and pets.  You can also discourage spiders from coming inside your home by removing vegetation against the exterior of the home, reducing clutter in the home and even dimming or changing the color of the outside lights.


Rats and mice have adapted perfectly to our urban environment and are responsible for the spread of diseases to humans and damage to property.  Our qualified technicians are expertly trained in the detection of rodents and can provide solutions for many situations.  Making the environment for rodents less desirable around the home can have a big impact on rodent numbers; the following should be done: lawns should be mowed regularly, dense vegetation should be thinned out in yards, over hanging tree branches and shrubs against the house should be cut back and access holes should be sealed.


Possums are often regarded as cute and cuddly but they can also cause a great deal of damage and can give the occupants of a home plenty of sleepless nights with their coming and going throughout the night.  Our bush Capital provides an ideal environment for possums, but when they enter roof voids and homes, they can cause a great deal of distress to the occupants.  Possums are protected in the ACT and can not be relocated as they are extremely territorial.  We can trap and release the possum for you in a way that will cause the possum no harm and minimum distress but the access points were the possums are entering will need to be properly sealed.  In most cases we can seal these entry points for you but, in cases of very old roofs or large jobs we recommend you employ a expert roofer to do this as possums are very clever and strong. It requires a lot more than a bit of chicken wire to keep a determined possum out.



Many native wasps are beneficial and cause little problems to us humans unless their nests are in a inconvenient spot.  European wasps (pic of nest below) are very aggressive and can have up to 10,000 individual wasps in a nest.  We can treat any wasp problem for you, and recommend that you never try to eliminate a European wasp nest yourself.

This European wasp nest (above) was found in a subfloor at a home in Duffy, Canberra A.C.T


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